Thirteen years ago, our two families came together and launched the very first Summer Market. At the time, we had eight daughters (collectively) that were under the age of nine. Today, those little girls are all in high school and college. As many of you may know and understand, the older they get, the more of us they seem to need. The past couple of summers have seemed like a blur to us as we hosted high school grad parties and packed kids up for college all while hosting this giant event in Avon Lake. This summer will be no different.

Because of this, and because we feel it is really important to focus on our homes and families, we have decided not to open applications for 2019 and instead keep our vendor line-up as it was this past summer. We were so inspired by the overall great vibe of the Market this year—from the vendors to the volunteers to the guests, it was a wholesome, positive, and fun weekend. Everyone’s generosity was inspiring, and we look forward to doing it again!

This is something that we have never done before, but I’m sure you’ll agree that family should come first. Thank you for allowing us the time to help our daughters’ transition into their next chapters.